Men’s Lifestyle Network today announced the launch of their new podcast network, focusing on wealth, health and relationships for the male business person and entrepreneur. 

This network of podcasts is designed to provide men with the unique perspectives on creating generational wealth, having a healthy, active lifestyle and building beneficial relationships,” Men’s Lifestyle Network Editor-in-Chief Charles Major said. “So often, men are focused on helping their families that they miss out on helping themselves. We want to tell men the stories from those who have either achieved success in any of those categories, or who are well on their way to success, to give them the playbook to get there themselves.

Men’s Lifestyle Network focuses its content specifically on the subjects that matter most to men: wealth, health, and relationships. With each program, the network aims to not only share the success stories to provide a goal for their listeners but also showcase the setbacks and how their guests were able to come through and put themselves in the best situation for themselves.

The Men’s Lifestyle Network is available to listen to across streaming platforms. The Network is currently available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and SoundCloud. Charles Major currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief and host of the flagship Men’s Lifestyle Podcast.

About Men’s Lifestyle Network

Men’s Lifestyle Network is on a mission to help businessmen and entrepreneurs become masters of their universe. Their goal is to have diverse conversations focusing on topics that matter most to men in wealth, health, and relationships. They share setbacks, stories, and wins, exchange ideas and life lessons and encourage each other to become the best version of ourselves. Learn more at