Men’s Lifestyle Network today announced the launch of their flagship podcast, the Men’s Lifestyle Podcast. Hosted by the network’s Editor-in-Chief Charles Major, the podcast focuses on the network’s mission: to provide content on topics that matter most to men in wealth, health, and relationships.

“We want to help men ultimately become masters of their universe,” said Major. “With each story comes a unique perspective on how to maximize our time to master wealth, health and relationships. Each guest provides their own ways of navigating difficult situations where we either have been challenged and overcome or have failed and learned to improve for our next situation. All of these stories allow us to help other men see that the path is not linear and that we all have been in their shoes in one way or another.”

Hosted by the network’s Editor-in-Chief, Charles Major, the Men’s Lifestyle Podcast focuses their content specifically on the subjects that matter most to men: wealth, health and relationships. With each show, the podcast aims to not only share the success stories to provide a goal for their listeners, but also showcase the setbacks and how their guests were able to come through and put themselves in the best situation for themselves.

The Men’s Lifestyle Network is available to listen to across streaming platforms. The Network is currently available on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and SoundCloud.

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Men’s Lifestyle Network is on a mission to help businessmen and entrepreneurs become masters of their universe. Their goal is to have diverse conversations focusing on topics that matter most to men in wealth, health and relationships. They share setbacks, stories, wins, exchange ideas and life lessons and encourage each other to become the best version of ourselves. Learn more at