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Our Audience

We are dedicated to serving entrepreneurs, businessmen, and executives out there looking for a way to level up your lives personally, mentally, and physically. We are on a mission to help men become the best version of themselves and rule their life in style.

Our host, Charles Major, has diverse conversations focusing on topics that matter most to men who want the best out of life: Wealth, Health, and Relationships. We share our stories, wins, and challenges, exchange ideas, and life lessons, and encourage each other to become masters of our universe.

Who Do We Interview

On this show, we interview 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs and business owners about the successes & challenges they encountered while growing their businesses. How they balance Wealth, Health, and Relationships while still growing their business.

What Will We Discuss on the Show

Our goal is to discuss the real challenges entrepreneurs and business owners face while trying to grow and scale their businesses while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and high-quality relationships. We want to give our audience an unfiltered behind-the-scenes look at some of the best ways to solve these problems so they can go out and monetize and grow their own business to 6 and 7 figures while keeping both their health and relationships in check.

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We knock the interview out of the park!

Want to be featured alongside Superstar guests like

Lamar Tyler

Founder:  Traffic Sales and Profit

Richelle Shaw

$100 Million business owner, speaker, and author

Anthony Frasier

Co-founder of ABF Creative ​& Featured on CNN’s Black in America

We’re opening up a limited amount of interview slots for our next few superstar guests.
We currently go through over 100+ monthly applicants for minimal interview slots — the competition is FIERCE

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